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Easter Combo 1 (Personalised Easter Basket & Easter Bunny Treat Stand)
  • These super cute bunny boxes will surely add to the magic of Easter! Add some goodies in the box as a great gift or use it for your Easter egg hunt!

    These boxes can be used for many Easters to come, its a great and fun tradition.

    Having their name added onto it will make it even more special and meaningful.


    Size: 20cm high, 20cm wide, 10cm deep
    Comes in 10 pieces
    Please note this is posted flat pack!!

    This box has been carefully laser cut into pieces for you to assemble yourself. All the pieces slot together perfectly.


    Personalised Easter Bunny Kinder Egg holder.


    Perfect little surprise Easter morning for your little one with their name on it. This personalised Easter Bunny would make a perfect Easter gift from aunt, uncle, godparent or grandparents.

    Each bunny is laser cut out of 3mm MDF.

    Measures approx 15cm high x 8cm wide.

    Supplied in two separate pieces which slot together.


    The kinder egg is not included.


    Easter Combo 1 (Personalised Easter Basket & Easter Bunny Treat Stand)

    Choose the colour of the little hearts
    Choose Colour of the name, ears and face
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