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Geometrical heart cookie cutter
  • This awesome ‘Geometric Heart' Cookie Cutter is perfect to make a Valentine’s Sharing Platter of cookies! It is so easy to use; simply press the Cookie Cutter into your cookie dough or icing to produce your shape.



    Small: 140mm wide x 125mm high
    Medium: 180mm wide x 160mm high
    Large: 220mm wide x 195mm high


    Each pack contains 1 x Cookie Cutter. This Cutter is made from high quality, food certified PLA which is the perfect product to leave a clean cut edge in your fondant or cookie dough. It is reusable too; after use, wash with a sponge in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly (do not put it in the dishwasher). Store your Cutter flat and in a cool, dry place.

    Geometrical heart cookie cutter

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