Popping Mother's Day Stamp & Cutters

Popping Mother's Day Stamp & Cutters


NEW Reverse Cookie Embosser - Why pipe when you can stamp!!!


This cookie stamp is the perfect way for creating cookies with a professional finish.

Our new reverse stamps leave a raised design as apposed to the traditional imprinted cookies stamps. The raised design can be left plain or painted to create a different effect.


Our Cookie Cutter Set is primarily made to cut fondant to decorate treats such as cookies, cupcakes and cakes.


The size listed pertain to the approximate height (top to bottom) or length (left to right) of the main cookie cutter (in most cases this is the piece that is the silhouette of the entire design) in this set. All other sizes are directly proportional to this size. Please see the product image(s) above for appropriate measuring angle.


Size :  7 cm for popping stamp

Stamp and cutter sets are as advertised on the PDF image on website (range from 5cm -10cm.


3D Printed Cookie Embossers/ Cutters -

Are made with PLA which is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable resource including constarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots and potato starch - So they are FOOD SAFE.


Keep away from heat.




They are fragile so do handle with care. We can not replace or refund items that have been mis-treated.