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Personalised Wedding Ring Box
  • Weddings are a highly monumental event, and what better way to make yours truly memorable than with a personalised wooden ring box!

    We use high-quality laser engraving techniques to engrave the names and design on the lid. There’s also a variety of attractive styles to choose from. Simply provide us with you and your partner’s name and the ring box design you prefer. We’ll then take care of the rest.

    Inside, the rings are wrapped in a Hessian fabric to give them that rustic and retro appeal. It also helps preserve the appearance of the rings, protecting them from possible scratches. You have the option of inserting either a single ring or two inside the boxes.

    - Material: Beech/Walnut
    - Size: 40 mm x 40 mm
    - Hessian insert inside


    *We can also do a personalised Design.

    Personalised Wedding Ring Box

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